Stacking Functions: Permaculture, Transition and Linz

Presentation and discussion by Pippa Buchanan

Pippa will provide a short introduction to permaculture and its ethics and principles along with some examples of permaculture in action. These include the Chikukwe project in Zimbabwe, post­earthquake work in Haiti and the Transition Town movement.
Following the talk we’ll facilitate a discussion around how we could apply permaculture principles in Linz: urban food growing, poo powered buses, establishing Transition Linz or using the principles to supporting refugees in the local area.The evening will be presented in English, but where possible further explanations will be provided in German.

Pippa Buchanan is an Australian permaculturist based in Linz, Austria. She is studying a Masters in Sustainability and Adaptation planning and was recently awarded her Permaculture Design Certificate.

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