Underwater Kites

Christian Liljedahl
from Interactive Art Collective Ship Illutron in Copenhagen
and his

18h Salonschiff Fraulein FlorentineDemonstration on the Danube
18:45h Departure of MY Art Ship to Eleonore (Who wants to go by boat – come along!)
20:30h Presentation and discussion about Christian’s underwater experiments at ELEONORE SHIP, Am Winterhafen 26, Linz


Lesvos Sea Rescue

Lesvos Sea Rescue- DORKBOAT

Der Vortrag : Presentation of Natalie Halla

DE: Immer weniger wird über das Flüchtlingsthema gesprochen, aber nichts hat sich geändert. Weiterhin flüchten die Menschen vor Krieg und Terror und weiterhin schaffen es viele nicht lebend über das Mittelmeer. Mit dem Schliessen der Balkanroute und unserer Grenzen haben wir stolzen Europäer dafür gesorgt, dass die Fluchtwege jetzt noch länger und noch gefährlicher geworden sind.
Ich war im Februar auf Lesbos, erlebte und filmte die letzten Tage der griechischen Fluchtroute und bin seitdem in Kontakt mit syrischen Familien, die noch immer in griechischen Flüchtlingslagern festsitzen.
Wer Interesse hat mehr über das Erlebte zu erfahren ist eingeladen am 6.6. um 20 Uhr auf die Eleonore zu kommen.

EN: People are talking less and less about the refugee problem although nothing has changed. People are still fleeing from war and terror; a lot of them will not make it alive over the Mediterranean sea. By shutting down the Balkan route and barricading our borders we proud Europeans saw to it that the escape routes became even longer and even more difficult. In February 2016 I was in Lesbos and experienced and filmed the last days of the Greek escape route. I stayed in contact with some of the Syrian families who are still stuck in Greek refugee camps.

Go Banana

go banana_DORKBOAT
4000 km voyage North Sea » Black Sea aboard inflatable banana
spontaneously arranged presentation of Les Donohue-Bromley aboard Eleonore Ship

Go Banana Project Website

….. From a discussion about making a television documentary about water, the thought came why not make it on the water?
The idea processed to buying a boat and sailing it over the Alps from the North Sea to the Black sea…but what kind of boat? The price, type of boat, length, engine power, cost of fuel, courses to be done, permission to be had, mooring costs, etc. etc. all had to be considered. Strangely an inflatable banana meets nearly all the criteria because it fits none of the criteria….

2 Years Arctic

2 year Arctic _ DORKBOAT

proudly presents
Der Vortrag : Presentation
Claudia and Jürgen Kirchberger

DEUTCH: Claudia und Jürgen Kirchberger sind 2010 zu ihrer zweiten Weltbesegelung aufgebrochen. Eine lange Reise, die sie unter anderem in die einsamen Reviere der Arktis gebracht hat. Nach einem Winter auf 70 Grad Nord und der Segelreise über den Nordatlantik erreichte das Paar Grönland.
Nach einem Jahr entlang der grönländischen Küste und einem Winter im Eis wagten die beiden österreichischen Hochseesegler eines der größten Abenteuer der Seefahrt: sie segelten durch die Arktis vom Atlantik in den Pazifik und durchquerten damit die legendäre Nordwest Passage. Der Seeweg führt durch Packeis, stürmisches Wetter und eine schroffe und wilde Natur.
Der Vortrag „2 Jahre Arktis“ zeigt mit packenden Bildern und Filmen diese spannende und einzigartige Geschichte und das Leben an Bord einer kalten Hochseereise.

ENGLISH: Claudia and Jürgen Kirchberger started their 2nd sailing circumnavigation in 2010. A long journey that brought them among others into the secluded areas of the Arctic. After a winter far North and a sailing trip across the North Atlantic, the pair reached Greenland.
After a year along the coast of Greenland and a winter in the ice, the two Austrian offshore sailors ventured on one of the greatest adventures of seafaring: they sailed through the Arctic from the Atlantic to the Pacific and crossed the legendary Northwest Passage. The sea route through pack ice, stormy weather and a rugged and wild nature.
The presentation “2-year Arctic” shows with captivating images and movies this exciting and unique story and life aboard a cold high sea voyage.



Moin Moin

Moin moin is a solo project of Magdalena Manderlova, based in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Her music could be characterized by a classic songwriting with a strong echo in 90s, from Sonic Youth to early Cat Power. Her voice jumps from soft and quiet layers into rough timbres accompanied by simple guitar lines. Together with lyrics based on imaginative descriptions, lyric notes on world around her as well as her inner feelings, her performance might slowly pull you in.

J is an indie folk songwriter from Prague, Czech Republic. As he has grown up abroad (in Switzerland), his major topic is the phenomenon of home and everything related to it. He sings about moving, travelling, friends, memories and plans.
During the past two years J has toured around Europe and US . J is a big fan of DIY ethics which made him start his own label (Black Pear Label) as well as organise a living room tour around the Czech Republic.

Moin Moin :



DocumentaryFilm Evening aboard Eleonore Ship

(2007)Directed by Rene Daalder

Critically acclaimed documentary about enigmatic Dutch/Californian artist Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975), whose daring conceptual performances culminated in his mysterious disappearance at sea.
As recounted through the eyes of fellow emigrant Rene Daalder, Ader’s story becomes a sweeping overview of contemporary art as well as an epic saga of the transformative powers of the ocean.

Snøhulemannen / The Snow Cave Man

Film screening aboard Eleonore Ship is back – at least for this one time so do not miss it!

Snøhulemannen / The Snow Cave Man

Fridtjof Kjæreng

Award-winning documentary about a hermit that has lived 30 YEARS IN SNOW CAVES

Surprisingly this time it is not a film about ships, but an continuation of a conversation about “living off grid”, that emerged after Pippa Buchanan’s Permaculture presentation that Eleonore hosted last month.

Sverre Nøkling is not your typical outdoorsman. For the past 30 years he has been living on his own in snow caves in the Norwegian mountains. Always on the move, using a pair of old wooden skis, he goes from one snow cave to the next in search of shelter from extreme blizzards and bitingly cold wind. A true expert in outdoor survival techniques, this wilderness man refuses to be reigned in by modern society. Instead he has chosen a way of life that flies in the face of conformist consumer culture and the materialistic modern world. Sverre’s life is a tale about the quest for total freedom as well as the price one pays in seeking it


Artist In Residence Presentation : Agnieszka Pokrywka

Artist In Residence Presentation

By careful research on fermented local food and situation of the given community Ferment Lab aims to induct a gentle and long-lasting social change by taking an inspiration from bacterial transformations. Agnieszka is staying at Eleonore ship until 7th September , as part of INFO DETOX residency Program aboard Eleonore Ship.