8 Hafenfest Korneuburg


Visit to Hafenfest in der Alten Schiffswerft Korneuburg
Interviews (German/English):
Cpt. Huber Giracek
Peter Wainig
Hans Domann “Damf Hans”
Cpt. Franz Scheriau
Volker Mehl
Wolfgang Stuckart

Raphaela Salhofer
Maruska Polakova
Production Support & Transport:
Cpt. Franz Scheriau
Markus Luger
Holger Watermann
Music by The Levellers

The Boatman

“If I could choose the life I please
Then I would be a boatman
On the canals and the rivers free
No hasty words are spoken
My only law is the river breeze
That takes me to the open seas
…. “

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