Dreampunk TV takes you to hidden treasure islands that might as well be just behind your back door, but somehow you always passed them unnoticed. Dreampunk TV introduces you to people that maybe are your neighbours, but somehow you never realised that they might as well just stepped out directly of your favourite adventure book!
Dreampunk TV is a journey of discovery, which will take you to fascinating people & places that are simply worth to know about!

Independent Art Collectives of Istanbul

Interviews with PASAJ/Giorgio Caione & ISKELE 47/Bager Akbay.
Moderation : Maruska Polakova
Camera : Julian Pöschl
Music : Ali Isitmez



Copenhagen, Denmark

Hawila is an eco living sailing ship currently moored at Kastrup harbour, Copenhagen. The ship is owned and managed by a group of (professional) enthusiasts, who apart of rescuing the ship from degradation set their goal in ecological cargo transport and cultural exchange.
To learn more about the project look at Hawila website

Korneuburger Hafenfest

Korneubrg, Austria

Visit to a festival of historical ships in Korneuburg, Austria.
Festival website

Refugee Camp in Ottensheim

Ottensheim, Austria

Visit to Refugee Camp in Ottensheim (Austria)
Interviews with:Uli Böker – Mayor of Ottensheim , Ali (from Irak) and Aola A. (from Syria) – Refugees, Dodo Dorothea Schuster – Worker at The Refugee Camp

Fredens Havn

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fredens Havn is placed near the famous alternative neighborhood of Christiania. The area is one of the green – nature “pockets” of the city.
The harbor was established 5 years ago by Eksben Banke and small group of friends, in order to collect garbage that is carried by the currents and accumulates here and to create a model of harmonious living between people and wild life. Over the years other people joined. Some following the original vision of the Fredens Havn. Others having different focus and interests…


Linz, Austria

Raumshiff is a community meeting place, exhibition and event space, young designers store & cafe created by students from University of Arts & Design in Linz. The project was founded in July 2013.
Raumshiff Website

Beluga II.

Interview with Captain Uwe Linke & Greenpeace Austria spokesperson Melanie Aldrian talking of Greenpeace sailing ship Beluga II.

Cogo Ahoi!

Frankfurt, Germany

Cogo Ahoi 8months long boat journey from Frankfurt to the Black Sea, experimental adventure and action performance.

Xav & Punk Boat Culture in Linz

Linz, Austria

Historical Ship Museum

Vienna, Austria

Visit to the historical ship museum and interview with CPT. Franz Scheriau.

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