INFODETOX:    FRI 22:00 – 23:00 // Main Stage

<<<File found>>> is a Bio-Toxic performance that uses bio-toxic-machines as contestation and resistance to the information imposed.
The machines as lovers, the performance articulated by an extended arm connects two DIY tattoo machines – one tattooing the real skin and the other making hole-lines in a vinyl, amplifying a sonic experience of pleasure and pain. The tattoo machine serves as a vehicle of information in noise, generating visual and audible scars that make up the findable file (ff). The tattoo machine designed as an artifact is our ally to desecrate the controlled use of our bodies associated with the idea of health, normality and productivity prescribed in a capitalist society. These bio-toxic-machines are our accomplice to reclaim the self-imposed exile of our bodies. By modifying our bodies, we spread ourselves as destructive virus, rewriting files, file found from the borders.
We want to design our own catastrophe, generate our own noise.
We want to be a mistake. Our eroticization of violence, turning it into ultra-noise, is the antithesis to the normative complacent melody. Our blood electrified, our scars circuited, our body a battlefield. We resurrect pleasure-pain as weapons and blood flow as distorted information. Our tattoo branded in our bodies and souls cries out in anger, not to forget.

La Pelos is an interdisciplinary artist and performer. After studying fine arts in Granada university, it continues with an independent study program at macha (PEI 2008/09) and a master degree in gender studies at the University of Barcelona.
Studied fine arts in Basque country, aTxE is formed by self experimentation and research in DIY workshops. It is autodidact in the tattoo world, an interdisciplinary artist, performer and sound artist in the noise scene.
Both artists began individually with visuals, photography, video, street actions, performing and are connected with the post-porn scene in Barcelona (Muestra Marrana).

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