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INFOCRASH:    48h FRI 17:00 – SUN 17:00 // 1st Floor

There is a revolution buzzing on the networks and in our cities‚ the maker revolution. Makery, a budding media agency propelled by an experienced and diverse team based in Paris, reports on the worldwide maker movement. During stwst48, Makery invites labs, makers, hackers and DIY coders across borders to take over the’s mapping space.
Makery treats information as raw material. The team of Makery travels across continents to discover makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs and hybrid spaces where the fabrication and applications of the future are being invented. The labs’ activities are diverse including open science, citizen politics, collective engineering, upcycling of antique musical instruments and electronic waste… Makery presents data-electro-visual networks with open and participatory lab encounter sessions, augmenting its map of labs with AV live streams, direct from Linz with connection to remote labs who share their information/practices and present their wild/serious projects. This is an event both online and in between walls, in Linz and on the networks, to celebrate the long-awaited reconciliation between the virtual world and the real world.

Participating labs:

La Machinerie (Amiens, France), a fablab coworking space who loves handmade robots.
Blackboxe (Paris, France) a hackerspace who loves hacking music, sound and open source issues.
Fab Lab Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) where the Fabcity is born.
Ouagalab (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) where the lab is built brick by brick.
Garagem Fab Lab (São Paulo, Brazil) where a fablab is managed like a start-up.
Glasgow Make Some Noise (Glasgow, Scotland), a music DiY community.
Tokyo Hackerspace, (Tokyo, Japan), guys hack in a garage.
Noisebridge (San Francisco, USA), a hackerspace technical-creative projects.

To be confirmed:

Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (Ljubljana, Slovenia) who loves Commons.
Futurelab (Linz, Austria) who love huge projects.
Hackuarium (Lausanne, Switzerland), a citizen and collaborative biology lab.

Makery is an online information media (newsletter, website, social networks) dedicated to cover the dynamism and give out information on the emergence of a scene of labs – fablabs, medialabs, living labs, biohacklabs among others. Makery, media of all labs, is a media agency in DiY mode. Its small team gathered by Anne-Cécile Worms and Ada Fizir grows in an open, transparent and participative manner, following the principles of digital ethics born by the lab wave.