myco logick by taro


INFOLAB:    FRI 17:00 – 19:00 // Maindeck

myco-logick is a series of projects inspired by & dedicated to the works of Paul Stamets, Terrence Mckenna, Francis Crick… life [on earth] would be totally different without our fungal cohabitants.

Fungal Spores are transmitters of information. They are nearly indestructible and able to withstand radiation and absolute zero point temperature. They have all the requirements to transport information inter-galactically. It is relatively easy to send them on such a trip. On the opening night of STWST48, two weather balloons filled with fungal spores are launched bound for the stratosphere. Solar winds and the low weight ensure the orbital escape velocity. These balloons expand while rising and finally burst at an altitude of approximately 30km, releasing the spores to continue onto outer space and/or to fall back on earth, where they possibly find suitable conditions to spread their information of existence.

Taro is a long term artist in residency at Station Messschiff Eleonore in Linz. He is at ease with working, observing, researching, experimenting and playing [with] the fringes of science, art, politics, life, realities.