puls project by michelle lewis-king


INFOCRASH:    FRI & SAT 23:00 - 6:00 (Workshop SAT 13:00 - 17:00) // 1st Floor

Pulse Project is an ongoing performance research series exploring the relational interfaces between medicine, culture and technology. In this study, I embody transdisciplinary research practice itself through adopting the role of ‘acupuncturist-investigator’ and acting as an instrument or medium between myself and others and  between cultural traditions for understanding and mediating the body. Pulse “reading,” case histories, notations of pulses, i.e., readings of the ‘energetic’ body and algorithmic compositions are all used together as methods for exploring the cultural encounter between a creative producer, participants and diverse cultural/informational practices. Each participant’s pulse is interpreted as a unique set of sound-wave images based on traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis, the soundscapes expressive of an individual’s ‘being’ offer another perspective to conceive of/listen to the interior spaces of the body.

Michelle Lewis–King is an artist, acupuncturist and PhD research fellow at the Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute, Cambridge, UK. Michelle’s creative practice research investigates the cultural interfaces between art, medicine and technology.